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The BAM’s Blog 12th annual Valentine’s Day movie list – "The Philadelphia Story" (1940): Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant get entangled in a love.

great director Blake Edwards, a Tulsa native. "Grease" (1978): If you and your sweetie.

The National CFIDS Foundation is compiling this list of people with CFIDS/ME that have died. In doing so, we hope to make people (especially those in the medical community, media and goverment) more fully aware of the seriousness of CFIDS/ME.

The 8 Best Small Business Podcasts (and What They Taught Us) – She has a system to get each article done in four days.

The episode titled “Phrases That Sell: 8 Copywriting Tips” features an interview with renowned copywriter Ray Edwards. Edwards is the author.

Auburn – Stephanie Mays, Company: Stephanie Mays, Official Court Reporter E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 3346632021 Address: 517 Owens Road Equipment: Eclipse V6 or V7, ExpressScribe Description: Official reporter caught up on transcript production looking for expedite/daily copy work to help get through the holiday season and possibly longer if I can work.

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Today’s Sports – The Collins boys’ basketball team concluded its season on a high note Friday with a 56-46 win over Christian Academy. Not only where.

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