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by MJ DeMarco Flip by Nick Ruiz Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone.

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Full Video Replay of Interview: Listen to the Podcast: All right guys, thank you so much for joining us again today. Welcome to real estate disruptors. Today we got Carlos race and Sal Shakir. Am I saying that right? Almost Shakir. Shakur sounds better to patch. It was like an Arabic version of him. Hey [.


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The beginning of work on the Elephant Butte Dam, 125 miles north of El Paso, has stimulated great interest in real estate in the Rio Grande valley, both above and below El Paso. The entire dam project, including the great dam, will cost not far from $10,000,000, and will reclaim 185,000 acres of land.

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Wholesaling Real Estate and investor grit with Cody Hofhine; 13.

Nick Ruiz: How to make a million in real estate,