The Neuroscience Training Summit + Bonus

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The Neuroscience Training Summit is your chance to learn directly from 20 of the world's leading experts about their groundbreaking discoveries and, most importantly, how you can start to apply this wisdom in your life today.

Neuroscience Training Summit online gratuit. Our first session is on May 10, featuring Daniel Siegel and Andrew Newberg. | View Online.

The XLR8 World Summit includes: 16 speakers from around the globe 15+ hours of content + bonus content . MP3 Downloads of all presenters so you can listen on the go. Access to the XLR8 Mastermind Group. The inside track on an incredible training innovations for athletes $1000’s in sponsor offers for Individuals & teams

Bonus: Get access to the.

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit offers PDCs options for the SHRM-CP.

Through keynotes, multiple breakout sessions, training sessions, and panels, this years agenda will touch upon all areas of holistic wellness.

the neuroscience training summit 2017 Over the last few decades, powerful discoveries in the field of neuroscience have transformed such diverse fields as psychotherapy and medical care, education, parenting, intimate relationships, business and leadership, and even spiritual development.

Please note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are postponing the 2018 Digital Learning Summit to a new date in early 2019.

as identified through a Training Industry research project of hundreds of companies across many verticals.

virtual reality integration with deep learning and the neuroscience of engagement. LinkedIn Profile. Obi.

We’ve gathered leading experts in Neuroplasticity, Neural Programming, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neuroscience, training the mind and more to teach you practical tools that help you: Supercharge your brain so you NEVER have to settle for being or feeling anything less.

Learning Leaders Summit February 24 Innovations in Training.

To use neuroscience strategies to create an environment where everyone learns. To use closers, openers, revisiters, and energizers (C.O.R.E.) to transfer training outcomes.

BONUS! You’ll receive a Training Manager’s Tool Kit containing the Training Function Systems Audit.

Propose an SfN-Sponsored Social for Neuroscience 2019. Create a networking social surrounding your area of research. Proposals are being accepted for SfN-Sponsored Socials, as well as (mini)symposia and the new Storytelling Session, until January 8.